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Wedding Day Coordinator

Have you thought about appointing a “Wedding Day Co-ordinator”?

Think about your day…..

You’re getting ready.

Your best pals are helping you fasten your buttonhole or position your headpiece. Neither of you has got time to be worrying about whether:

  • The harp player hasn’t turned up
  • If the hire chairs are clean
  • Aunty Margie can’t find the ceremony location
  • The wrong flowers have turned up.

Just to name a few things that might happen…

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If you are having your marriage ceremony at a venue, they may provide a function/event manager to oversee all of these things, but you should ask the question as to what exactly is in their job description.

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If you’re getting married somewhere else, maybe the beach or a park – then it will be quite important to either hire a co-ordinator or ask a reliable friend to take on the role.

Here are some things that might need to be overseen.

  • Be a contact person for all the wedding suppliers on the day.
  • Make sure the musician has arrived and has everything they need to set up

wedding day coordinator

  • Organise for some helpers to set out the chairs, if you’re bringing your own
  • Liaise with the hire company as they’re dropping off chairs and setting up other decorations
  • Speak with the celebrant to make sure everything is running to schedule
  • Be the holder of any park permits or liquor licences needed for the space
  • Be privy to any last minute changes so as to inform the relevant people
  • Know the order of proceedings including how the bridal party will be arriving – or at least have it written down
  • Be the “go-to” person for questions regarding everything

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These are not super difficult jobs, but somebody has got to do them and they are certainly not things that you want to be worried about your big day.




pass the buck



turn over

let go

Whatever you have to do to make your day easy, simple and relaxed.