Every wedding is unique and individual and should reflect the lovely couple’s love, personalities and beliefs.  You shouldn’t feel that you HAVE to include these traditions into your ceremony, and maybe you have some ideas on how you’d like to start your own tradition.  However, if you would like to, here are a few to get you thinking.


The candle ceremony is a symbolic metaphor for two merging families.  Traditionally there are three candles.  You can choose who lights the candles, it could be the parents light a candle each and then the bride and groom each take one of the side candles each on their own and then use those candles to light the third one together, signifying that two have become one.


Derived from Celtic tradition, Handfasting is where the bridge and groom drape a ribbon of their choice, material and colour across their hands during the marriage ceremony.  The ribbon is placed loosely across the couple’s hands representing marital unity.  The couple keep the ribbon as a symbol of their commitment.

Wedding Rituals


This is the traditional giving of the ring ceremony.  During the ring exchange, couples may choose to say a few words, for example, “I give you this ring as a sign of my love and my loyalty…”

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(This is a lovely ritual for blending families with children)

The sand ceremony involves the happy couple and can include close family members, including children adding different coloured sands to a glass container.  Each person is given a specific colour, taking it in turns to layer the sand into the container.  The Sand Pouring Ceremony signifies the importance of each person’s contribution towards the welfare and moral support of the wedding couple (and their children)

Or this is a lovely idea – if you and your partner are from different parts of the country (or world) collect sand from each of your home country/state/town and blend them during the ceremony as a symbol of two worlds coming together.

Wedding Rituals


This is a fun and yet meaningful ceremony that ends with the bride and groom getting to have a drink before the ceremony is even finished!

You take two different types of beer which represent two people with unique and individual personalities and characteristics coming together as one.  Once the two liquids are mixed – like you two – they become a part of each other and can never be separated.

It’s fun, it’s light, it’s modern and it’s refreshing!

For those of you who don’t fancy beer….. there are always alternatives.

Beermosa anyone?