Meet Shell




Shell Brown

Hi there!

I am a Registered Marriage Celebrant based in Geraldton in the Midwest Region of Western Australia.

Previously I have offered full blown marriage ceremonies, and have recently decided to focus my services on elopements, offering couples a no fuss, professional, legals only marriage.

This means that if you are planning to have a non legal ceremony in a tropical destination, I can assist you before or after your trip so that your marriage will be registered right here in WA.  

This makes things a lot easier for you in the future if you want to apply for a copy of your official marriage certificate – you’ll need this if you’re planning on changing your name after marriage.

Also, some couples just want to get married without the fuss… and I’m here for you.

My Background…

I have recently moved back to the town I grew up in, where I spent my youth playing sport, going to the beach and hanging with my friends… incidentally, the same group of beautiful friends I still have now!  Since then I have lived in various places around Australia and in the UK and have travelled the world in between.  I feel that travel really opens up your mind and gives you a much clearer picture of how the world is joined in a rich tapestry of culture and tradition and food…. ahhh, the food.

I come from an eclectic background careerwise, from working with babies and young children as carer in child care and as a primary school teacher to retail sales and hospitality, including assisting the caterer at a lot of weddings.  All these positions have required a similar set of skills – patience, kindness and a firm understanding of keeping the client happy.

Why I Became a Celebrant…

After being a part of so many weddings, be it as a photographer, catering at the reception or in the role as Bridesmaid, I wanted to become more connected with the business end of things.  However it was meeting the loveliest celebrant at a friend’s wedding that finally helped me take the plunge, so I attained my registration to become an authorised Commonwealth Civil Marriage Celebrant.

I pride myself on the service I provide – you should check out what people are saying!

Some other important snippets…

I am a member of the celebrant association:  The Celebrants Network Inc


I have always been a strong believer and supporter of Marriage Equality and invite any LGBTQI+ folks to feel completely at ease knowing that you will be welcomed with open arms and accepted for who you are.

It is so easy to contact me – you just click here. We can arrange an obligation free meeting where you can ask questions and see if I’m the right fit for you and whatever you decide – the coffee is on me!