Meet Shell

Shell Brown

Getting to know your celebrant is a great way to make sure that you are a perfect match.

The first thing to know about me?

I ♥ Weddings

I have always loved weddings!

The dress, the rings, the vows, the necessity for champers….. all of it!

But the thing I love the most are the looks on the faces of the gorgeous couple when they see each other for the first time just as the ceremony is beginning.

That look of pure love.

A look that says ‘You and I are a team and we’re in this thing together, no matter what”

I see admiration and devotion in their eyes and I just know that their hearts are racing.

It makes me smile because I know that they are looking beyond this one day, as special as it is, and into their married future where there is an unlimited number of teamwork quotes in store for them…. “There is no I in T.E.A.M.” and my favourite…”Teamwork makes the Dream Work”, because that’s what these wedding days are for.  They are a pre-celebration for the start to your marriage and when you see two people coming together, having made the decision to do life as a team – that makes me smile – every time.

I Don’t Just Do Weddings…….

When I started out, sure it was all about the weddings, but since then I have evolved along with the couples that I marry which turns into the circle of being a Family Celebrant.

I can be with you through every major stage in your lives, celebrating events such as:

: Buying a new home = House Warming/House Blessing Ceremony

: Expecting a baby = Blessingway Ceremony

: Welcoming a new baby into your family = Naming Day Ceremony

: Adopting a child = Welcoming/Naming Ceremony

: Coming out as LGBTI =  Coming Out Ceremony

: Changing your name/gender identity = Naming Ceremony

: Turning 18 or 21 = Coming of Age Ceremony

: Nana is turning 80 = This is Your Life Birthday Ceremony

: Wedding Anniversary = Vow Renewal Ceremony

My Background…….

I grew up in a Western Australian country town where I spent all of my time playing sport.  Since then I have lived in various places around Australia and in the UK and have travelled the world in between.  I feel that travel really opens up your mind and gives you a much clearer picture of how the world is joined in a rich tapestry of culture and tradition and food…. ahhh, the food.

I come from an eclectic background careerwise, and all the positions I have held have required patience, kindness and a firm understanding of keeping the client happy. From working with babies and young children in child care to primary school teaching to retail sales and hospitality, including assisting the caterer at a lot of weddings.

Being able to help couples make their wedding day as memorable as possible has been a real joy to me.

Why I Became a Celebrant………

After being a part of so many weddings, be it helping at the reception or in the role as Bridesmaid, I wanted to become more connected with the business end of things.  However it was meeting the loveliest celebrant at a friend’s wedding that finally helped me take the plunge, so I attained my registration to become an authorised Commonwealth Civil Marriage Celebrant.

I like to work with, and get to know my couples to make each and every celebration personal and unique and I pride myself on the service I provide – you should check out the testimonials!

I have recently moved back to my home state of Western Australia and am love… love… loving the sunshine.  Even though I’m based as a Marriage Celebrant in Mandurah, I am willing and able to travel anywhere in Australia and would jump at the chance at being a part of your overseas destination wedding/celebration.

Some other important snippets………

I am a member of:  The Celebrants Network Inc

I have always been a strong believer and supporter of Marriage Equality


On the 7th December 2017, in an historical vote, marriage was made legal for all adults regardless of sex or gender and that makes me so happy.

My love for all things celebration, my flair for organisation, my natural style and my want to make your day exactly as you envisaged are the best attributes you could ask for when searching for the perfect celebrant to create such a memorable day.

If you like what you’ve read, it is so easy to contact me – you just click here