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Give Me The Stats – STAT!

Here are some interesting marriage statistics according to the Australian Bureau or Statistics (ABS) from 2013 – Published in November 2014 (it takes a while to compile all that data)

Did you know………

There were 118,963 marriages registered in Australia in 2013

72.5% of those marriages were are performed by a civil celebrant, which means that only 27.5% of those marriages were performed in a religious ceremony.

The average age for men to tie the knot was 31.5 and the average age for the ladies was 29.5

76.6% of all couples that married in 2013 lived together prior to their wedding

living together

It was the first time marrying for both parties with 72.5% of the couples.  

For 16.3% one of the couple had been married before

11..4% of marrying couples were both on their second time around (at least)

55% of registered couples were both born in Australia

31.6% of couples were born in a different country from each other

13.2% of couples were born in the same overseas country.

There are 196 countries in the world at last count and only 21 of them currently allow same-sex couples to marry legally.

That means that 89% of countries currently don’t.  This is the least of my favourite marriage statistics! 🙁