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Here are some interesting marriage statistics according to the Australian Bureau or Statistics (ABS) from 2013 – Publish in November 2014 (it takes a while to compile all that data)

Did you know………

There were 118,963 marriages registered in Australia in 2013

mass wedding

72.5% of those marriages were are performed by a civil celebrant

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Which means that only 27.5% of those marriages were performed in a religious ceremony

Church Wedding

The average age for men to tie the knot was 31.5 and the average age for the ladies was 29.5


76.6% of all couples that married in 2013 lived together prior to their wedding

living together

It was the first time marrying for both parties with 72.5% of the couples.


For 16.3% one of the couple had been married before


11..4% of marrying couples were both on their second time around (at least)

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55% of registered couples were both born in Australia

born in Australia

31.6% of couples were born in a different country from each other


13.2% of couples were born in the same overseas country.


There are 196 countries in the world at last count and only 21 of them currently allow same sex couples to marry legally.


That means that 89% of countries currently don’t.  This is the least of my favourite marriage statistics!

Marriage Equality


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