Marriage Equality

Australian Marriage Equality

Marriage Equality

I believe that marriage should be a right for everybody.

I see absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t be allowed to join in marriage with the person of your choice and be seen as equal citizens in the eyes of your family, your friends, your community and the government.

Love is Love

I fly this flag (symbol) with the amalgamation of the rainbow, the equals sign and the two rings which all symbolise marriage equality in the hope that members of the LGBTI community will feel free and safe to contact me without fear of prejudice, judgement or exclusion.


Celebrant Association – Civil Celebrations Network (CCN) Inc

I am very proud to say that I belong to Civil Celebrations Network (CCN) Inc, a celebrant association who supports marriage equality.

CCN are campaigning for the wording of the Marriage Act to be changed to include all Australians regardless of their sexuality or gender identity.  They are also hoping to change the wording to protect people from entering into marriages forcibly.

Hopefully their recommended changes are taken onboard and we can move forward with marriages that are legal, consensual and inclusive – it’s all about the love.

CCN Rainbow logo