Wedding Planning
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I’m getting married. Now what?

What an exciting time you have ahead of you.  For some of you, this proposal will have come as a complete surprise and for others, it will the final result for what could have been months of planning.  Now that you’ve made the biggest decision, there are just a few smaller ones that need to be discussed before your wedding day can be realised.

Wedding Planning

Let’s break it down into these smaller categories:


What type of ceremony would you like to have? There are plenty of styles and traditions, rituals, and readings to choose from.  What type of ceremony is going to fit your style?  The size of your wedding reception will also depend on your budget.  There are plenty of ways to make your day beautiful on any budget.

What are you going to wear?  This is a fairly big decision because some people have dreamed of wearing a particular outfit or style of dress on their special day.  It is important though to be comfortable in what you’re wearing.  Remember, you’re going to be in it for quite a few hours and you’ll want to be able to dance in it!


Who would you like to be involved in the ceremony?  Are there children that you’d like to include? You will need to choose bridesmaids and best men, flower girls and page boys, or if indeed to you are wanting to have any attendants at all.  Perhaps you’d prefer to have just you and your partner and your two witnesses?

Then there is the most important person to choose – your marriage celebrant.  Make sure you choose someone who you feel comfortable with and who you feel sure will do their very best to make your dream ceremony come to life.  Your chosen celebrant can help you to fill in all the necessary paperwork, such as the Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM).  This is an important form that must be filled out correctly and lodged with your celebrant no later than one month, and no earlier than 18 months before your ceremony.

Photo by: Marnixphotography

This chick looks like an awesome celebrant!

You will also need to consider other vendors… a photographer, a videographer, a florist, a ceremony stylist and furniture hire company. Of course none of these vendors are essential to getting married, but they do make the day a lot more special… I mean, you’re not going to take the photos yourself!


Where will you hold this magnificent occasion? Have you always wanted a garden wedding?  Perhaps a ceremony on the beach? Maybe you’d prefer a smaller ceremony so a group of friends or family can holiday in Fiji together?  Then there’s the reception.  How many people will you need to cater for?  Do you want a big venue or something more intimate?

If you are choosing a public outdoor space, you may also need to check if council approval is needed.


When is this ceremony going to take place?  Are you summer people or do you prefer cosying up next to a log fire?  Does where you live become a factor? Do you need to work around the allotted time you and your partner can get off work?  When are the reception venues available?  You might need to book a fair way in advance for the more popular places.

Remember there are only a certain number of Saturdays each year, so maybe consider holding your ceremony on a Sunday or midweek… you may find that this is cheaper to hire some vendors.


Why are you getting married?  Have a think about it.  What does it mean to you?  This will help you when it comes time to write those all-important vows.

The most important thing is to have fun with your planning.  Delegate to those who are offering to help and if things don’t go to plan, go back to the “Why” section and remember why you’re getting married in the first place.