Are looking for a quick and easy way to get married? An elopement may be the perfect idea for you.  

I offer a legals only service that is professional, simple and no fuss.

Why would you want to have a legals only elopement?  Great question!

Perhaps you are going overseas for your fancy marriage ceremony and you’d like to be legally married in Australia – either before or after your overseas trip (just don’t accidentally get legally married while you’re there).  

This makes things so much easier when you need to apply for a copy of your marriage certificate as your marriage will be registered in Australia rather than an overseas country where English might not be their first language.

It also helps if either of you planning on changing your surname after you’re married to that of your partner’s (see extra info on changing your name).  

You can only use an Australian Marriage Certificate – issued by Birth, Deaths and Marriages in the state your marriage took place as proof of your marriage – If you are married overseas, you will need to do a ‘change of name’ (which is like the old fashioned changing your name by deed poll) which costs $$.

For more information check out the Attorney General Website:  having your overseas marriage recognised 


You might just want to get married and have no interest in a big marriage ceremony/wedding with heaps of people. 

All you need to provide is:

  • Yourselves
  • 2 witnesses
  • Your ID – Passports or Birth Certificate + driver’s licence
  • Proof of the end of any previous legal marriages – divorce or death certificates
  • A flat surface to sign some papers
  • Maximum of 10 guests

From me you will get:

  • The lodgement of your Notice of Intended Marriage Form
  • The registration of all your legal paperwork
  • One meeting with me – at least one month prior to the ceremony
  • Unlimited contact via phone and email
  • A ceremony that includes the legal wording (with your own personal vows if you choose) performed at the location of your choice in the local Geraldton area.
  • Your commemorative Marriage Certificate (you can’t use this one to change your name)
  • A link to the Births, Deaths and Marriages online application for an official Marriage Certificate – you use this to change your name after marriage.

Looking for a tradition wedding style Marriage ceremony?

Currently the legals only elopement is the only service that I offer, so I can highly recommend these lovely Celebrants if you are after a tradition wedding style Marriage ceremony