Did you know that 73% of couples choose a Civil (non religious) Marriage Celebrant for their marriage ceremony?

And….. 98% of those couples want to get married on a Saturday at about 3.00pm?

And……….  99% of those couples want to get married between September and April….. excuse me while I do a little bit of maths….

That’s approximately 35 Saturdays @ 3pm

Now, 12,320 couples got married in Western Australia in 2016 [Stat: BDMWA].  I’m afraid, as much as I would like to perform all the marriage ceremonies, it’s not physically possible.

So this is where I’m happy to share the love.

Whenever you contact me and I am already booked, I’ll always refer to you to one of my lovely colleagues.

Remember, you are allowed to get married on a Sunday or even during the week and there is no rule that says you have to wait until 3pm….  just saying.

Community Service Announcement for the LGBTQI Community:  
Since the historic change in the marriage law in December 2017 registered civil celebrants were given the choice to transfer their registration to a new category – Category D – Religious Celebrant.  Celebrants who were registered before the law changed were given 3 months to apply for the transfer and could only do so if they believed that marrying same sex couples went against their personal religious beliefs – This was a proviso to the bill being passed.

All celebrants who chose to transfer are legally required to have the words “Religious Celebrant” on all their marketing and advertising so LGBTQI folk will know that there is a strong possibility that they could be turned away.  This group of celebrants is also exempt from the Discrimination Act.

 All other civil celebrants (Category C) must have the words “Marriage Celebrant” on their marketing and advertising and can not pick and choose their couples based on gender or lifestyle – ’cause that’s discrimination! Category D was only open to those celebrants who were registered with the Attorney General’s Department at the time of the change of law and all newly appointed celebrants will go straight into Category C – Marriage Celebrants.

Now, I’m not here to judge – so in this list, there is someone for everyone.

The following fabulous celebrants are Marriage Celebrants and therefore are LGBTQI friendly:

Marriage Celebrant – Sonja Howell

Weddings… Naming Ceremonies… Commitments…Vow Renewals
Phone: 0415 390 775
Email: sonjajhowell@yahoo.com.au
Facebook: www.facebook.com/SonjaHowellCMC/

Marriage Celebrant – Clare Bridge – “Married in Mandurah”

Weddings… Naming Ceremonies… Commitments…Vow RenewalsMandurah
Phone: 0488 668 840
Email: marriedinmandurah@hotmail.com
Website: www.marriedinmandurah.com.au

Marriage Celebrant – Lorraine Webb
Marriage Ceremonies
Phone: 0416 255 293
Email: ljwebb555@bigpond.com
Website: www.celebrantmandurah.com

Marriage Celebrant + Funeral Celebrant – Camille Tangney

Weddings… Funerals… Naming Ceremonies… Commitments… Vow Renewals… you name it – Camille will celebrate it!
Mandurah / Perth
Phone: 0418 935 258
Email: cam.tangney@bigpond.com
Website: www.mandurahcelebrants.com

If you’d prefer a celebrant who is more aligned with your religious views, but still don’t fancy getting married in a church… then I recommend:

Religious Celebrant – Carol Sawyer
Weddings… Funerals… Memorials… Naming Ceremonies… Vow Renewals…. Pet Ceremonies
Phone: 0427 875  296
Email: carolsawyercelebrant@gmail.com
Website: www.carolsawyercelebrant.com