how will Coronavirus affect my wedding

Coronavirus and your wedding

Wow! It seems that almost overnight we find ourselves in a world that we don’t recognise. Events being cancelled, venues closing their doors indefinitely and bans and limits on gatherings…. all of these things could affect your wedding.

wedding rehearsal

Do We Need a Wedding Rehearsal?

Do we really need a Wedding Rehearsal? This is a question that is asked by nearly every couple. The answer is pretty easy…… you don’t NEED a wedding rehearsal, but here are few reasons you might WANT a wedding rehearsal. Having a run through at the location of your ceremony eases the nerves. If you …

marriage counselling

Do We Need Pre-Marriage Counselling?

As an Authorised Celebrant in Australia, it is a requirement to give couples wishing to get married a brochure called  Happily Ever Before and After which gives you information about the legal process of getting married and also some helpful hints about pre-marriage counselling. Now, people hear the words “pre-marriage counselling” and think: “There’s nothing wrong …

Meant For You - Marriage Celebrant

Council Permit ? Do You Need One For Your Wedding ?

If you’re thinking of having your beautiful wedding ceremony in a park or on the beach or in any type of public place, then some city councils require you to apply for a permit. Photo: Each council has its own set of rules and regulations and it’s best to look up the website or call …