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Wedding Day Co-ordinator

Have you thought about appointing a “Wedding Day Co-ordinator”? Think about your day….. You’re getting ready. Your best pals are helping you fasten your buttonhole or position your headpiece. Neither of you have got time to be worrying about whether: The harp player hasn’t turned up If the hire chairs are clean Aunty Margie can’t find the ceremony location The wrong flowers have turned up. Just to name a few things that might happen…. If you are having your marriage ceremony at a venue, they may provide a function/event manager to oversea all of these things, but you should ask […]

Day of Coordinator

Do We Need a Wedding Rehearsal?

Do we really need a Wedding Rehearsal? This is a question that is asked by nearly every couple. The answer is pretty easy…… you don’t NEED a wedding rehearsal, but here are few reasons you might WANT a wedding rehearsal. Photo borrowed from: Valley High School Drama Club Having a run through at the location of your ceremony eases the nerves. If you have young children in your bridal party – a wedding rehearsal gives them a sense of direction and the confidence they need on the day. There’s no worrying about whether the song you’ve chosen to walk down […]

Destination Wedding

Destination Weddings They are all the rage at the moment – and why not? Fiji  |   Phuket  |  Maldives  |  Bali You may fancy a neutral location for your destination wedding that is equal distance for all your guests? A beautiful, tropical beach location – a place that could double as your honeymoon, surrounded by all your family and friends……… It sounds idyllic! But have you thought about the finer details? Don’t get me wrong – I’m all for having your wedding wherever you want to have it, but first ask yourselves these questions:  Do we want to spend […]

Harmony Day – Celebrating Cultural Diversity

This week, in each state of Australia, we are celebrating Cultural Diversity with Harmony Day on the 21st March  Harmony Week brings people together from all walks of life to promote community harmony and to celebrate the many cultures that make our country so vibrant.  There are some fascinating statistics about Australia’s diversity.  Did you know: *around 45 per cent of Australians were born overseas or have at least one parent who was *85 per cent of Australians agree multiculturalism has been good for Australia  *apart from English the most common languages spoken in Australia are Mandarin, Italian, Arabic, Cantonese, Greek,  Vietnamese, Tagalog/Filipino, Spanish and Hindi *more than 60 […]

Wedding Anniversary Symbols

I belong to a fabulous celebrant association called: Civil Celebrants Network CCN and recently I wrote a blog post for our association blog all about where wedding anniversary symbols originated.  I found it so interesting that I wanted to share it here with you as well. Enjoy……… Have you ever wondered about what wedding anniversary symbols are all about? No one knows precisely when wedding anniversaries were first celebrated, but the tradition is believed to go back at least to the Middle Ages.  At that time in the Germanic regions of Europe, a husband crowed his wife with a silver wreath […]