Daily archives: July 18, 2015

Blessingway Ceremony

What is a Blessingway Ceremony? I hear you all cry….. Photo: Christine Chrisman A blessingway or mother’s blessing* is a wonderful alternative to a traditional ‘baby shower’ that is held for a woman approaching birth.  A baby shower tends to focus on the baby – presents of the baby and games centred around the baby, whereas the Blessingway is all about the mother to be.  It literally blesses the way for the mother to be ready for childbirth. Traditionally, the mother would invite her closest female family and friends, choosing people who offer her friendship, wisdom and trust to participate in a […]


Communication is the Key……. sorry, what? I wasn’t listening.

Communication Is The Key Be who you are You came to the relationship as whole people, with your own identities and a purpose in life. Share your happiness, look forward to everything you’ll do together, make choices and decisions together, feel better about everything when your partner walks in the room, and miss them when they’ve gone – but honour your individuality. Keep your interests and hobbies, maintain friendships with your friends and continue to bring new life to your relationship. Why I Married You As you know yourself, know your marriage – why do you love each other, what do […]