What Is A Naming Ceremony?

Naming Ceremony? What’s a Naming Ceremony?

Well, I’m glad you asked!

The Naming Ceremony is a celebration where you formally introduce the newest member of your family to your extended family and friends. You can use this as an opportunity to share the names you’ve given to your child and the reasons why those names were chosen as well as the hopes and dreams you have for your bundle of joy.

It’s a little bit like Simba being presented to his jungle community.

Naming Day Ceremony

There are a number of celebrations that can happen when a new person joins your family.  You can either give birth to your own biological child, adopt a child or even if you have a child who wants to change their name because they’re identifying as a different gender or simply wants to be known by a different name.

Photo: Pixabay

It’s also a time where you, as parents are able to officially name those extra adults that you want to play a special part in your child’s life.  These adults are sometimes called God Parents or Guardians or Mentors.  They can make a statement in front of family and friends in accepting this responsibility.  In the Christian religions, the God Parents are chosen to be responsible for the child’s spiritual growth, however as people are moving further away from the church, the role is more relevant if the chosen person acts as an extra  adult who can be there instead of or alongside of you as the parents.

God Parents
photo taken from: kidspot.com.au

A Naming Day can be held at any time.  The timing is different for each religious culture for various reasons, but you can hold the ceremony whenever it suits you – right after your baby is born; a year later to coincide with your child’s first birthday; a week after you’ve adopted or when the grand parents are in town.

Meant For You

You can make the ceremony as formal or as casual as you like.  You might like to include readings or poems or a welcoming/family combining ritual.  You might like to plant a tree in your garden or have your guests fill a box with snippets of advice or wishes for your child to open and read when they’re older. Some people like to commemorate the day with Naming Day Certificates and others will stamp the day with other tokens such as framed photos, fridge magnets, stubby holders or something fun like a bobblehead in the likeness of your child.

Naming Day Ceremony

If you are interested in having a Naming Ceremony for your child, then look no further.  Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or you’re ready to lock in your special day.  I’d be happy to help in any way that I can.

Choose Your Own Adventure

Marriage Equality

Just recently I read a blog post written by a truly fabulous marriage celebrant, Josh Withers – he has been my inspiration since becoming a celebrant myself…. but enough of the rockstar celebrant groupiness!  Josh wrote a blog called Why Gay Brides and Grooms are the Luckiest and it’s all about how straight weddings seem to be bound by 100s of years of tradition, whereas ‘gay’ weddings can be a blank canvas of new ideas and creativity. Whilst some wedding traditions may still be held dear to some couples, the origins behind them will only seem less relevant than they are already when we introduce marriage equality and you can marry who ever you love.

I have a strong feeling that this monumental shift in becoming an equal society – marriage-wise won’t be far away, so those people who have been waiting for their chance to make their love legal in Australia, you’d better get your creative thinking hats on so you can celebrate in your own true style.

This is where you and your partner get to choose your own adventure……

Photo: The Stream

Choose your own attire – You could pick your favourite outfits; choose matching outfits; make them white if you want to – but do it because you WANT to, not because you feel you HAVE to; or dress up as your favourite GOT character….. you can do what ever you want!

two bridesPhoto: Heather Waraksa

Choose your own venue – A friend of mine recently got married in an old, art deco cinema, which is not only cool because you have a big screen to play a pictorial montage of you and your partner being all lovely, the seats are extremely comfy!  Or what about a boat?  You could hire a boat and a skipper for the day and cruise up and down the river whilst you declare your love, rainbow flags flying high.

Lloyd Photographers – Treehouse Point


Choose your own way to set up your ceremony – if you WANT to walk down an aisle, then go for it, but you could set it up so your guests are surrounding you in a circle – a circle of love; or maybe you’re into magic and you and your partner want to appear out of a puff of smoke as if you’ve appeared from nowhere – cue spooky music and magic hands…. nothing (as long as it’s legal) is out of bounds.

grooms arriving at their wedding

I understand that you may not want to jump the gun with the powers that be taking their sweet time on what is an obvious decision, but there’s no harm in being red red ready when the hammer finally falls.

And if your adventure is your dad walking you down the aisle in a white dress, your family on the left, your partner’s on the right and saying “I do!”…. then, who am I to judge?


Choose your own adventure.

Rainbow Flag