Daily archives: June 29, 2015

What Is A Naming Ceremony?

Naming Ceremony? What’s a Naming Ceremony? Well, I’m glad you asked! The Naming Ceremony is a celebration where you formally introduce the newest member of your family to your extended family and friends. You can use this as an opportunity to share the names you’ve given to your child and the reasons why those names were chosen as well as the hopes and dreams you have for your bundle of joy. It’s a little bit like Simba being presented to his jungle community. There are a number of celebrations that can happen when a new person joins your family.  You can either give birth […]

Marriage Equality

Choose Your Own Adventure

Just recently I read a blog post written by a truly fabulous marriage celebrant, Josh Withers – he has been my inspiration since becoming a celebrant myself…. but enough of the rockstar celebrant groupiness!  Josh wrote a blog called Why Gay Brides and Grooms are the Luckiest and it’s all about how straight weddings seem to be bound by 100s of years of tradition, whereas ‘gay’ weddings can be a blank canvas of new ideas and creativity. Whilst some wedding traditions may still be held dear to some couples, the origins behind them will only seem less relevant than they are already when we introduce […]