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The Power of Celebration

This post “What is the Power of Celebration?” written by Certified Career and Life Coach, Michael Feeley was found in The Huffington Post and was read by yours truly after a meeting of celebrant colleagues had discussed how fabulous it was and how it embodied the true meaning of celebration. I wanted to share it here with you without all the flashing adverts on the side.  You’re welcome. What is the Power of Celebration? How happy and excited are you when you celebrate something? You celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, holidays — all kinds of personal and special occasions. You give a card or […]


A Beautiful Vintage Inspired Wedding

When my friends, Tanya and Nick got married at their vintage inspired wedding, everything was so gloriously beautiful that an article was written on the Love My Dress blog entitled: PEACOCKS AND BUTTERFLIES – AN ELEGANT 1920S GATSBY AND 1930S DECO ELEGANCE INSPIRED WEDDING By Annabel at Please enjoy……. A Beautiful, Vintage Inspired Wedding Not too long ago I was a guest at two of my favourite friends – Tanya and Nick’s wedding in the UK. Tanya is a freelance creative art worker who is super clever and stylish and Nick is an IT wizz who loves Sci-fi and is quietly hilarious.  They have […]

Do We Need Pre-Marriage Counselling?

As a Authorised Celebrant in Australia, it is a requirement to give couples wishing to get married a brochure called  Happily Ever Before and After which gives you information about the legal process of getting married and also some helpful hints about pre-marriage counselling.   Now, people hear the words “pre-marriage counselling” and think: Photo: Integrity Church   “There’s nothing wrong with us, we don’t need that!” “We’ve been living together for years, why would we need that?” Photo: PIxabay “Nah, that’s not for us.” Photo: PIxabay “My boyfriend/girlfriend wouldn’t do that.” Photo: Pixabay “What a waste of money.” Photo: Pixabay […]

Marriage Vows You May Not Have Thought Of…..

Marriage Vows…….. What do you really want to say to your partner on the most important day in your relationship? Remember when people used to promise to love, honour and OBEY????? There are a lot of people out there who still choose to say these words because…. tradition!  But realistically, in your everyday married lives, is obeying your partner’s (well, husband’s as it was only the ladies who said it) every command really what you want?  Who knows – maybe you do and that is your choice, but I like vows that are more realistic and personal to you and […]

Council Permit ? Do You Need One For Your Wedding ?

If you’re thinking of having your beautiful wedding ceremony in a park or on the beach or in any type of public place, then you’re going to need to deal with the council and when you’re dealing with the council, you’re probably going to need a council permit. Photo: Each council has their own set of rules and regulations and it’s best to look up the website or call their local office for the area that you are wanting to get married in for the correct information. Whilst doing a bit of research for you, I found this lovely website […]

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Give Me The Stats – STAT!

Here are some interesting marriage statistics according to the Australian Bureau or Statistics (ABS) from 2013 – Publish in November 2014 (it takes a while to compile all that data) Did you know……… There were 118,963 marriages registered in Australia in 2013 72.5% of those marriages were are performed by a civil celebrant Photo: Don Benson Photography Which means that only 27.5% of those marriages were performed in a religious ceremony The average age for men to tie the knot was 31.5 and the average age for the ladies was 29.5 76.6% of all couples that married in 2013 lived together prior […]

Blessingway Ceremony

What is a Blessingway Ceremony? I hear you all cry….. Photo: Christine Chrisman A blessingway or mother’s blessing* is a wonderful alternative to a traditional ‘baby shower’ that is held for a woman approaching birth.  A baby shower tends to focus on the baby – presents of the baby and games centred around the baby, whereas the Blessingway is all about the mother to be.  It literally blesses the way for the mother to be ready for childbirth. Traditionally, the mother would invite her closest female family and friends, choosing people who offer her friendship, wisdom and trust to participate in a […]

Communication is the Key……. sorry, what? I wasn’t listening.

Communication Is The Key Be who you are You came to the relationship as whole people, with your own identities and a purpose in life. Share your happiness, look forward to everything you’ll do together, make choices and decisions together, feel better about everything when your partner walks in the room, and miss them when they’ve gone – but honour your individuality. Keep your interests and hobbies, maintain friendships with your friends and continue to bring new life to your relationship. Why I Married You As you know yourself, know your marriage – why do you love each other, what do […]

What Is A Naming Ceremony?

Naming Ceremony? What’s a Naming Ceremony? Well, I’m glad you asked! The Naming Ceremony is a celebration where you formally introduce the newest member of your family to your extended family and friends. You can use this as an opportunity to share the names you’ve given to your child and the reasons why those names were chosen as well as the hopes and dreams you have for your bundle of joy. It’s a little bit like Simba being presented to his jungle community. There are a number of celebrations that can happen when a new person joins your family.  You can either give birth […]

Marriage Equality

Choose Your Own Adventure

Just recently I read a blog post written by a truly fabulous marriage celebrant, Josh Withers – he has been my inspiration since becoming a celebrant myself…. but enough of the rockstar celebrant groupiness!  Josh wrote a blog called Why Gay Brides and Grooms are the Luckiest and it’s all about how straight weddings seem to be bound by 100s of years of tradition, whereas ‘gay’ weddings can be a blank canvas of new ideas and creativity. Whilst some wedding traditions may still be held dear to some couples, the origins behind them will only seem less relevant than they are already when we introduce […]

Budget Wedding Ideas

Budget Wedding Ideas Don’t Need To Be Cheap! Weddings on a budget don’t need to be cheap.  You just need to think smart about each element of the day and really ask yourself “If I’m marrying the person I love, does it really matter if I don’t have the monogram napkins?” Chances are that your guests won’t care and will be none the wiser as they dab the corners of their mouths with inexpensive and just as useful paper serviettes. Your first job is to make a list – spend on the most important things to you and your partner […]

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Wedding Traditions – Whose Tradition is it Anyway?

Wedding Traditions Have you ever wondered where wedding traditions come from?  Do they still apply to the modern wedding? Are you blindly following traditions, just because? Or are you bravely paving the way to creating your own traditions? Wedding Traditions – There is actually nothing romantic behind western wedding traditions. Most of them date back 100s of years to when the bride was forced into the marriage and it was nothing more than a transfer of property between the two families.  The property being the Bride! Some traditions are slowly changing as more and more couples decide which traditions suit […]

I’m getting married. Now what?

What an exciting time you have ahead of you.  For some of you this proposal will have come as complete surprise and for others it will the final result for what could have been months of planning.  Now that you’ve made the biggest decision, there are just a few more smaller ones that need to be discussed before your wedding day can be realised. You could break it down into these smaller categories: What? What type of ceremony would you like to have? There are plenty of styles and traditions, rituals and readings to choose from.  What type of ceremony […]

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