• Changing your Name

    Changing your surname after Marriage

    Married name

    Many people believe that when you sign your marriage certificates on your wedding day that you sign your new ‘married name’ – Not True! You and your partner/spouse/fiancé are two seperate identities with your own surnames until such a time as you officially change them (if you choose) – AFTER you are married. You can assume, and start to use your married surname straight after the marriage ceremony if you choose t0 – you are legally married as soon as you say your vows in front of your celebrant and your 2 witnesses, however if you want to do business…

  • how will Coronavirus affect my wedding
    Wedding Planning

    Coronavirus and your wedding

    Wow! It seems that almost overnight we find ourselves in a world that we don't recognise. Events being cancelled, venues closing their doors indefinitely and bans and limits on gatherings.... all of these things could affect your wedding.

  • marriage equality
    Marriage Equality

    Love wins

    Marriage Equality! On the 7th of December 2017 the Australian Government finally passed a law that allowed same-sex couples to marry, giving all couples the same rights when it comes to immediate recognition of their relationship, overseas marriage, family, spousal…

  • wedding button hole
    Wedding Ideas

    Wedding Day Coordinator

    Have you thought about appointing a “Wedding Day Co-ordinator”? Think about your day….. You’re getting ready. Your best pals are helping you fasten your buttonhole or position your headpiece. Neither of you has got time to be worrying about whether: The…

  • wedding rehearsal
    Wedding Planning

    Do We Need a Wedding Rehearsal?

    This is a question that is asked by nearly every couple. The answer is pretty easy… you don’t NEED a wedding rehearsal, but here are few reasons you might WANT a wedding rehearsal. Having a run-through at the location of…

  • destination wedding
    Wedding Ideas,  Wedding Planning

    Destination Wedding

    Destination weddings – they are all the rage at the moment – and why not?  A beautiful location in a place that could double as your honeymoon…   It sounds idyllic! But have you thought about the finer details? Don’t…

  • Vow Renewal,  Wedding Anniversary

    Wedding Anniversary Symbols

    I belong to a fabulous celebrant association called: The Celebrants Network and recently I wrote a blog post for our association blog all about where wedding anniversary symbols originated.  I found it so interesting that I wanted to share it here…

  • Wedding Ideas

    A Beautiful Vintage Inspired Wedding

    When my friends, Tanya and Nick got married at their vintage-inspired wedding, everything was so gloriously beautiful that an article was written on the Love My Dress blog entitled: PEACOCKS AND BUTTERFLIES – AN ELEGANT 1920S GATSBY AND 1930S DECO ELEGANCE…

  • Marriage Vows

    Marriage Vows You May Not Have Thought Of…..

    Marriage Vows…  What do you really want to say to your partner on the most important day in your relationship?  There are traditional vows, words that people have said to each other over the centuries. Remember when people used to promise…